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Here's what people like you are saying about us!

I have many of my customers with DomainZoo, and I work on the support lines with your personnel at various stages and to resolve various problems. You have one of the best support groups of any company in any industry I have worked with, bar none!
-- Chris Newmark
IBD Webmaster
Just wanted to let you know that having our company's website and ability to check email remotely through Domainzoo's services has been a huge help for our business. We had to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina, and the ability to quickly and easily change our home page to give our clients updates through the website tonight utility was awesome. Also the ability to check email remotely was a lifesaver not only for business but for contacting family and friends when both the local telephone and cell phone services were knocked out. 
-- Cindi Randell, PC
Mandeville, LA
I discovered through a search engine ad exactly at the right time when I was just starting to think about domain names. Since I am an artist, web and graphic designer it's all about the packaging for me. I loved the logo and the name, it really works with what's hot right now. Most of all I couldn't believe the low price! From there I purchased email and hosting services. Being a designer for tech companies I find that I have no time to do my own website and so I purchased the customizable website builder. I just LOVE the one-stop shopping that provides and the affordable pricing and great customer service. I don't need to look anywhere else DomainZoo has it all!
-- Clint Musel
Tucson, AZ
DomainZoo Rules! I just tried to snap a name with a competitor. Those losers not only didn't get the domain, they never even bothered to notify me that there had been a registration change. Domain Alert notified me of the changes and alerted me that I needed to check on my other service which had failed. Once again, you've proven that DomainZoo knows how to build stuff that works!
-- Doug
Provo, UT
You have created a service department that must be commended. I have called several times and I found all of your service representatives have been very thorough and helpful. It is because of the great service representatives that I plan on using to host all of my clients. And, when colleagues ask me my hosting company I tell them unequivocally, DomainZoo!
-- Tara
TK Design
We have used DomainZoo to host our town's web site for the past 8 months and couldn't be more pleased with your service. I always refer folks to DomainZoo if they are in the market for a web hosting service. You guys are great!! Thanks!
-- Julie Hawkins
I must compliment on the ease of obtaining great service. At no point did I feel rushed. I felt the representatives were knowledgeable and capable of solving the problem at hand. You have what every organization should have at the end of the phone line when customers call - a knowledgeable person with a pleasant demeanor and an easy way of getting the necessary information from the caller without using unnecessary technical jargon. I thank you for a pleasant phone experience.
-- Paul Dufrane
Holdkey Reality
I just want to provide some feedback: I am thrilled and thankful for the upgrade of my account to a business pro account - fully appreciate it and all the great work you guys have done to upgrade your service. I am delighted at the service & products I am provided by and will be with you for life! My payment of domain renewal and other features is way ahead of normal renewal. Keep up the good work and constant improvement! You are the best!! 
-- Gregory Bongerzone
Queensland, Australia
I have found the service at DomainZoo to be exemplary. Whenever I've had a question - or a client has had a question - it is either easily found in the FAQ section, or answered promptly - as you have here. Please keep up this outstanding effort - it prompts business owners such as myself to wholly and easily recommend your service.
-- Mike Philips
Albany, NY
I love You have done so much for the consumer, helping to make it cost effective, easy to manage accounts and the finest tech support of any company.
-- Ceasar Morrano
ElPaso, TX

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